Our values are expressed through our Brown Girl Surf  WOMANifesto:

PLAY –  We play to be free, connected, and rejuvenated.

COMMUNITY - We are a community that takes care of each other by keeping each other safe, encouraging each other, and including everyone.

GIRLS EMPOWERMENT - We are strong in our bodies and our minds, and invent ourselves in our own images.

ENVIRONMENT  - We care for and respect the ocean and land. We show gratitude for the gifts of nature.

EXPRESSION THROUGH ARTS– We use art to celebrate ourselves and our community

GRATITUDE - We practice gratitude to heal and find peace.


These values are taught to our participants and community through our Brown Girl Surf WOMANifesto song:

“We play, we are community,
We are girls with the power to be who we wanna be
RESPECT and love to the land and sea,
We keep it fresh and express  - with gratitude and peace.”