We have four strategies for executing our mission:

  • Voice: We amplify the voices of girls and women of color surfers, both within our community, in the broader surf culture, and in the world at large.
  • Community: We build a sense of community through our beach programs, our on-land events (screenings, outings, conservation actions) and through our mode of operating, which engages volunteers, families, and participants as key effectors of change.
  • Conservation:  Central to our holistic curriculum is cultivating a sense of interconnectedness and care for the earth, both on an emotional level, and through the actions we take to protect it.  We conduct stewardship projects, nature education, and environmental actions both within our surf programs, and as stand-alone activities throughout the year.
  • Access: We create access to surfing and to the ocean, by providing logistical, financial, and cultural support through our clinics, outings, and conservation actions. 

To see how our strategies work across our programs, please see the graphic below.