Jamila, volunteer event coordinator, and Kristi, volunteer photographer

Jamila, volunteer event coordinator, and Kristi, volunteer photographer

Help us run Brown Girl Surf and help us amplify our voice

Here are some areas where we would love the assistance of volunteers:

  • Salesforce database management and design

  • Handling in-kind donations

  • Assisting with accounting

  • If you work at a non-profit or school, assist with outreach and recruiting for school programs and summer camp.

  • Design (posters, flyers for events)

  • Social Media management

  • Website management

  • Host a fundraising event

  • Documentation of Brown Girl Surf Events via Photo or Video

  • Media production

  • Data entry

  • Tabling at events

  • Staffing Brown Girl Surf celebrations and work days

  • Helping with event planning and coordination

  • Non-profit consultation or legal services

We are open to other ideas you may have as well! 

If you are interested in helping us, please send an email to volunteer@browngirlsurf.com, and let us know your name, phone number, where you are located, in what area you are interested in helping, what your experiences are doing similar work in the past (please send a resume if possible), and how many hours per month you are able to dedicate to Brown Girl Surf.  For folks interested in helping with design, media production, or photography/videography, please include links to your work.  Thank you so much!