Volunteer Surf Instructors

Unfortunately at this time we are not accepting applications for Volunteer Surf Instructors.  Please check in again in a couple months.  Please check out our main volunteer page to learn about other ways you can get involved with Brown Girl Surf. 

Volunteer Surf Instructors are our front line "spreaders of stoke."  Volunteer Surf Instructors who are able help drive girls to and from Oakland to the beach, usually in Half Moon Bay or Marin (Muir Beach).  They help facilitate logistics during surf days (loading and unloading equipment, cleaning equipment at the end of the day, helping with equipment distribution, helping with lunch, etc), assist with safety and supervision both in an out of the water, help facilitate activities, and help girls and women learn to surf, by pushing them into waves in the surf zone.  As ambassadors of the Brown Girl Surf community, Volunteer Surf Instructors reach out to girls and women they know, and bring a new participant (youth or adult) to at least 2 Surf days during the Spring and Fall season. We know that when we go to the beach, everyone likes to surf, so we always try to give our Volunteer Surf Instructors a quick 5-8 minute session to catch their own waves.  However, this is not guaranteed, and the focus of Volunteer Surf Instructors during program days is to help others learn to surf.  


Volunteer Surf Instructors must have some surf experience at the time of their training.  They do not need to be an advanced surfer, but they must be able to handle a board in the white water on their own, belly ride waves in the white water without assistance, and have a good sense of their own boundaries in the ocean.  Interested folks who have never surfed before must attend at least 3 Surf Sister Saturdays or have had the equivalent surfing experience, and be able to demonstrate the skills above before enrolling in this program. 

Volunteer Surf Instructors must have an interest in working with adolescent girls and women.  Youth development experience is a plus but not required.  Preference is given to applicants who have experience working with the communities we serve, AND who are also able to drive girls to the beach from Oakland.

Training Path:

Once applicants have met the skill level requirements outlined above, they attend a Brown Girl Surf Volunteer training as well as Ocean Safety training.  They must attend an ocean safety training every year (365 days) to maintain eligibility as an Volunteer Surf Instructor.