School Surf Leaders

School Surf Leaders commit to starting a girls surf program at their schools or afterschool program. We recommend that TWO staff members from a school become School Surf Leaders as it is useful to have the support.  School Surf Leaders bring together a group of girls who want to surf, with assistance from BGS staff and volunteers who can assist with info sessions and outreach materials.  After this, School Surf Leaders commit to taking this group of girls to at least 4 Surf days with Brown Girl Surf over the course of the school year.  School Surf Leaders ensure that all girls involved complete their registration forms and attend surf days.  They also help drive girls to the surf day and assist with supervision and group management.  School Surf Leaders are invited to learn to surf with their girls.  Groups may be as few as 6 girls but must have consistent attendance in order to remain in the program.  BGS will work with School Surf Leaders to develop a curriculum and pay structure for your school surf program that is appropriate to the resources of your participants and institution.


School Surf Leaders must have regular contact with girls as a teacher, educator, or administrator of a public school.  School Surf Leaders must be able to do the substantial outreach and follow-through with individual girls required to ensure group attendance.  School Surf Leaders must also have a car (or access to one with associated permissions) and be willing to drive girls to and from the beach.  This program is specifically for high need public schools.  Please contact us to see if your school is eligible.

Training Path:

Teachers are invited to Brown Girl Surf one-day training and Ocean Safety training, but these are not required.  BGS staff  and volunteers will supervise surf instruction and ocean safety during your school programs. 

To Apply:

Please send an email to info@browngirlsurf.com, telling us about yourself and your school and we'll get the ball rolling from there.