Summer 2018 Youth Summer Camp

We held 4 sessions of Youth Summer Camp. Thanks to your support, we were able to offer the 3-day sessions, including transportation, all equipment, and lunch, starting at just $15 per week. 26 girls, 17 volunteers, and 4 youth leaders joined us to total 824 hours of participation! It was amazing to see girls who have never surfed before developing into confident water women through the 3-day camp. We also talked about the indigenous origin of surfing, held mini-lessons on ocean science, had dance parties, and played a jump rope game using a 12 ft strand of bull kelp! At the end of our last summer camp session, a 12-year-old participant from Oakland shared her feelings during the closing circle. “I’m grateful for Brown Girl Surf and how safe you make it feel here. Lots of places say they are safe spaces but don’t actually feel safe. This one does, so thank you.”