Our work on the beach is complimented by conservation, community and media programs that are vital in achieving our mission. These include:

  • Our Community Conservation program which includes day-long environmental cleanups and restoration projects.

  • Hosting Community-Building events which shift the image of what surf culture looks like. Our 2015 Year End Celebration in downtown Oakland drew over 80 guests, many who had never experienced surfing before, to a program honoring our young surf “graduates” and featuring a female hip hop showcase and community cypher celebrating woman and earth power.

  • Utilizing a flexible structure that allows us to take advantage of opportunities like hosting Erica Prado, the most prominent black female surfer in Brazil, and introducing her to our community through a series of outings, dinners, and a surf clinic. 

  • Surf Forums, Film Screenings and Panels: In the last year, we hosted a screening of a new film, La Maestra, about an accomplished female surfer in Mexico. We also collaborated with the documentary It Ain’t Pretty about the female surfers of Ocean Beach. Our youth had a brief appearance in the film, co-hosted the U.S. premiere and sat on the Q&A panel with the film’s producers.