Rising Leaders Crew

Our Adult Rising Leaders Crew work closely with our youth Rising Leaders Crew, teaming up with youth members for the season (Spring or Fall) as they take on more responsibility in the Brown Girl Surf community and co-facilitate Surf Sister Saturdays.  They also conduct outreach and bring new members into our community.  Adult Rising Leaders are experienced surfers who have already acted as Volunteer Surf Instructors during at least 6 programs, or have equivalent experience. Most programs take place on Saturdays in the Spring and Fall.

The commitment includes attending a mandatory orientation day with their youth teammates, attending 2 of the 3 youth-co-facilitated Surf Sister Saturdays with their youth teammates, attending one community environmental event with their youth teammates, and going on a surf outing with their youth teammate during a 10 week period.  Adult Rising Leaders are also responsible for reaching out to women and girls they know and bringing a new participant to 2 youth-co-facilitated Surf Sister Saturdays.  Adult Rising Leaders must also ensure that they keep their ocean safety training current and attend ocean safety training in the 6 months prior to being an Adult Rising Leader. Adult Rising Leaders act as the main point of contact with their youth teammates during the season about Surf Sister Saturday events, and provide transportation support when needed. 


Adult Rising Leader Crew members must have enough surf experience that they feel confident taking someone else surfing.  They must be competent in understanding surf conditions, reading surf reports, assessing local conditions, and picking an appropriate break for their and their companion’s abilities.  They must be able to recognize hazards and keep themselves and their companion in a safe place at a surf break.

They must have a vehicle or the ability to borrow a vehicle (and associated permissions from the owner) to transport themselves and their Brown Girl Surf teammates to the beach.

Training Path:

Adult Rising Leader Crew members must have first acted as Volunteer Surf Instructors for at least 6 Surf program days.  Adult Rising Leader Crew members must have undergone day-long Brown Girl Surf Volunteer Surf Instructor training at some point.  They must have undergone Ocean Safety training in the last year. Adult Rising Leader Crew members must apply and then be accepted to the program. Once accepted they must attend a day-long Rising Leaders Orientation day and continue to renew their Ocean Safety training every 365 days.


Please email programs@browngirlsurf.com for further questions.